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Emergency Medical Materials for a Disaster
Emergency Medical Products for a Disaster
Emergency Medical Equipment

Emergency Medical Materials for a Disaster


Emergency Medical Aid Program

- 1 -
The Emergency Medical Aid program is built on medical aid plans based on
projected disasters. The Program covers local hospitals, temporary hospitals,
first-aid stations, medical camps etc. and is partnered with various medical
organizations and societies. Medical aid equipment must be stocked efficiently
at each point of medical aid distribution.

- 2 -
Determining the proper level of emergency medical equipment for disaster
victims is critical to ensure the Emergency Medical Aid Program operates effectively.
An example of stocking for 300 disaster victims is to stock 300 sets of 10 different
medical supplies in one large container. Another option is to divide and stock the
medical supplies into smaller sets for fewer disaster victims.

- 3 -
The important point of stocking for a medical emergency is to decide how to
effectively stock the total volume of medical supplies for disaster victims.
For example, if there are 30 disaster victims, one set of emergency medical
supplies is required. If there is only the one large container of emergency
medical supplies, there will be a great deal of waste. Meanwhile, other disaster
sites could be in need of these supplies. We propose an effective stocking plan
of both and small sets of emergency medical equipment.

Emergency Medical Equipment

- 1 -
More details:
Smaller emergency medical sets (for up to 30 disaster victims) are flexible to stock.
If there are 150 disaster victims then 5 sets of the smaller emergency medical
sets are required. If there are 300 disaster victims, 10 sets are needed.
Stocking of smaller emergency medical sets avoids waste. If emergency medical
supplies are stocked in smaller emergency medical sets, some of the stocked
smaller sets can be reallocated if another disaster site needs emergency medical aids.
If the emergency medical aid was stocked in a large container, it would be difficult
to respond to such a request.
These small emergency sets or even smaller sets should be considered when
stocking emergency medical equipment.

How to select emergency medical sets

Emergency Medical Products for a Disaster

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Emergency Medical Equipment

Proposals of Relief and Medical Care Equipment and outline specifications
1、 Relief and Medical Care Equipment must be effectively grouped together in an efficient collection for relief and medical care for use when a doctor is available.
2、 Relief and Medical Care Equipment should be labeled on the outside of each unit for easy identification.
3、 Relief and Medical Care Equipment must be easily carried to temporary aid stations and disaster sites.
4、 Relief and Medical Care Equipment must be able to be manually operated for emergency medical care such as resuscitation, aspiration and oxygen inhalation, when no electricity is available.
5、 Silicone resuscitators must have easily read directions and safety specifications to avoid incorrect assembling. For example, the child/infant resuscitation valve unit cannot be used with the adult resuscitation bag.

Blue Cross Emergency Medical Care Products