BLUE CROSS® Compressor Type Neblizer Nebu-Com® Mini CN-Mini
Small and lightweight, suitable for home use

It does not over heat even after 6 hours continuous use.

Designed for minimal sound and vibration
-suitable for children and the elderly, and use at night.
Filter is se both at inlet and outlet of the air for double safety
Energy sabing model.
The atomizer(Neb-Com kit)effectively 1~8μm particles.

Simple operating panel.
Nebu-Com Kit can be used
when held at an angle, and
the ON/OFF switch can be
done by hand.
Use with the Mouthpiece
Use with the Mouthpiece
Use with the Mask connected
Use with the Mask connected
Use for children
Use for children

Power Source AC100-120V/AC220V-240V (50/60Hz)
Class ClassⅡ B-Type equipment
Power consumption 30VA (15W)
Max.Nebulizer Pressure 170kPa
Max.Nebulizer Flow Rate 10L/min
Aerosol Flow Rate 0.3mL/min
Average Particle Size 1~8μm
Medication Cup Capacity 8mL
Adequate Medicine Volume 2~8mL
Accessories Nebu-Com Kit/Mask
Unit Size 8.8×16×20cm
Weight 0.98kg
Optional item
Carry Bag
T1820230 BC-01M-NB
Carry Bag for Nebu-Com Mini
Material:Vinyl leather Size:30×11×14cm

NEBU-COM® KIT Refills and Optional Items
The NEBU-COM KIT can be used anywhere, at an angle, without affecting performance.

For aults and children
Average particle size of1~8μm
Handy ON/OFF switch
An effective and reliable neblizer.

NEBU-COM KIT Diagram Handy ON/OFF Switch
マウスピース 送気ホース
Mouthpiece Air Hose

8-1 Mask Large 8-2 Mask Small Filter Set Outlet Filter
Mask Filter Set Outlet Filter

Refills and optional items  
T1410040 CN-KT  NEBU-COM KIT (with Air Hose)
T1420040 CN-MP  Mouthpiece, 2pcs
T1420030 CN-SN  Spray Nozzle, 2pcs
T1420050 CN-VH  Air Hose
T1420060 CN-PH  Piping Hose
T1410060 BC-8-1  Mask,Large,2pcs
T1410070 BC-8-2  Mask,Small,2pcs
T1320310 AF-ST  Filter Set,5pcs
T1420020 AF-OF  Outlet Filter,5Pcs